What to expect:

A 100lb side will average

25lbs - Ham

15lbs - Bacon

10lbs - Chops

20lbs - Roast

7lbs - Ribs

20lbs - Ground

7lbs - Fat Trimming


includes curing





We raise Landrace/Yorkshire pigs for our meat. They are a great breed for production, handle winter well, excellent at foraging and give lots of bacon! All of our animals are professionally processed which ensures top quality. It is limited in quantity, so be sure to place your order early. We do our best to ensure we have stock but we cannot do it all. There may be a wait time if demand outweighs supply. Our pork is available in half sides or the whole pig. We charge $8 per pound for halves and $7 per pound for whole pigs, curing included. All weights are determined by the hanging weight of the carcass prior to making the cuts. Our pigs vary in weight from 80lbs to 150lbs a side, depending on age. Below is a cut sheet to download and fill out to get your preferred cuts. If you are wanting bacon and ham, it requires curing which is done off-site and is an extra expense, but is included in our price.


Download Pork Cut Sheet                                                                                                                        

Pork Cut Sheet
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