Heart Stone Acres is nestled in Ashton Creek, Mabel Lake Rd East of Enderby, BC. We love this community because it is beautiful, and we are surrounded by hardworking people with farmlands that provide a variety of different foods. The beginning of our humble little farm started in 2018. Our purpose was to raise our family in an environment where our kids could explore and know how to grow their own foods. We then realized that food security is needed for everyone and expanded into wanting to provide for others. As we all know eggs are a healthy choice for everybody, so we bought some hens which started the beginning of our adventure! The next year we added broilers because we love chicken! The chickens are entertaining to watch, and they provide us nutritious and delicious meat. We feed them grains, fruits, veggies and all the pasture they can handle. Another year down the road we thought to ourselves if we can raise egg layers and broilers why not pigs as well. Now pigs are even more entertaining than chickens and are escape artists! We knew we had our hands full but worth every bit of time and effort to provide quality foods. Our pigs are pasture raised and fed grains, hay, fruit, and veggies from our garden. We have been told from our customers that our is pork delicious and wholesome. From the moment we started our adventure there has not been a dull day!

My family had mentioned making homemade vanilla because we have a few bakers in the family, so we did. The vanilla compliments our pork and chicken and adds a nice smooth flavor that leaves a tantalizing “more please”. Excellent idea family, thank you! We are not done with our exciting adventure and will continue to improve, make mistakes, fix the mistakes, and enjoy all the memories we have made and the many more to come!